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Welcome to A Free Can we are innovative players in the publishing mediin Mauritius and the world. We aim to support african poets and writersin their quest to create, produce and to market their linguistic project.

A free mind CAN…


by Jason Lily


Twelve poems for each three languages,revealing the fragments composing the soul of the author of Poem Fertil © who expresses as a first timer, the cyclonic composition of life.


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Jason Lily

Jason Lily is a writer, poet, comedian, singer, percussionist and very
involved artist in Mauritian cultural life for eight years now.
He co-wrote the songs ‘Kifer to pa le danse’ and ‘Lamour Briye’ with singer
and drummer Jason Heerah. In 2018, he was also chosen to play the main
role of Porgy, in the musical Porgy ek Bess, directed by Ashish Beesoondial.

He was also part of the Mauritian fleet for international events around
music and culture. His passion for literature and his curious nature are
his drive to make his first collection of poems come to life.
Poem Fertil is a gift to the youth to go for the extra mile and work our spiritual selves, constantly.

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